The Computer Science Department is located at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, and is involved in both academical and R&D activities. The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is placed in the village of Bellaterra (15 Km. from Barcelona), and is one of the most important universities of Catalunya. Academical activities are mainly developed in the Enginyeria Informàtica (Computer Science Engineering) at the Escola d'Enginyeria (EE), located at the campus of UAB and the Enginyeria Tècnica en Informàtica (Computer Science Technical Engineering) in the Escola Universitària d'Informàtica (EUIS) (Technical School of Computer Science), located at Sabadell. Research and development activities are related with the Computer Vision Center and the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute .


Call for Phd Positions. Open until June, 12th, 2015

New - Final results of the selection process

The department offers 8 Phd positions in research areas related to computer vision within the generic UAB call for Phd positions. More information following about requisites of the candidates, conditions of the scolarship, profile of the postions and contact can be found following this link.

The profiles of these positions are the following:

  1. Computer Vision - Scene understanding (contact: Ramon Baldrich,
  2. Computer Vision - Context Aware Document Recognition (contact: Josep Lladós, / Oriol Ramos,
  3. Computer Vision - 3D Reconstruction (contact: Felipe Lumbreras,
  4. (2 positions) Computer Vision - Neurodynamical Systems (contact: Xavier Otazu,
  5. Computer Vision - Social Media Analysis (contact: Jordi González,
  6. Computer Vision - On-Board Vision / Aerial Imaging (contact: Dani Ponsa,
  7. Computer Vision - 3D object detection and classification (contact: Antonio López,

 Interested candidates must send an e-mail to with an expression of interest specifying for which profiles they are interested in, and attaching the following documentation:

-        A copy of the DNI or passport

-        CV

-        A certificate of the academic record

-        A copy of the official certificate of the university degree